One man shows

Storytelling, songs and theatre 

Bremner has created 6 innovative solo theatre performances. In his words: “I strive in all my work to take risks, to explore new ways of telling stories and create engaging performances. I hope to create adventurous, experimental, and innovative work that is an asset to my community and respects the legacies of communities and voices that have come before me. I’m committed to performances that explore the contemporary world.   

I don’t work with a ready-made text, so creating a new performance means collecting fragments of stories and ideas, researching a person or moment in history, and then stepping into the rehearsal room where I will improvise, raid a costume box, try out dialogue, create a soundtrack and keep playing until something sticks. My work shifts from project to project: taking its inspiration from movies, history, celebrities, music and visual art.  I hope to create work that is popular, accessible, politically relevant, and empowering."



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