Berlin to Broadway is an intimate musical cabaret, infused with Bremner’s warmth and humour, which gives audiences an insight into this legendary figure. Weill was composer who broke new musical and theatrical ground and has left an enormous musical legacy. 

His most famous works were his Berlin cabaret and theatre collaborations with Bertolt Brecht. As the Nazis took power in Germany and Weill fled to America, where he quickly linked up with writers and lyricists like Ira Gershwin, Oscar Hammerstein, Maxwell Anderson, Elmer Rice, and the literary giant of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes.  

As well as bringing to the fore Weill’s musical brilliance and his passionate views on human rights, Bremner’s cabaret concert beautifully shares the story of Weill’s complex relationship with the love of his life, actress Lotte Lenya.  

"It takes more than just an expressive voice to really communicate Kurt Weill songs - it takes love, fear, regrets, wistfulness, loneliness, tragedy and charm. And above all, it takes a fine actor. Bremner has it all'  

-Theatreworld Magazine, London, England 

​“a fantastic show - a perfect festival experience – outstanding singing, in a distinctive setting.  It was a thrilling reworking of Weill’s material. It was seedy.  It was stirring.  It was utterly memorable.”  

-Andrew Clover, of the Sunday Times 

"When Bremner sings, his voice is like a big, dark, sultry room --full of emotive and expressive possibilities. Even when Bremner sings in languages other than English, the passion and subtext come startlingly alive."  

-The Georgia Straight, Vancouver 

Berlin to Broadway is an intimate, adaptable show that can be performed anywhere from a living room to a mainstage theatre.   

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